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Standard Digital Caliper

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1.8mm high LCD display
2. Zero setting at any position
3. Metric/inch interchangeable system
4. Power on/off at any position, invariable measuring origin (zero)
5. Display window uses special quartz glass, high scratch-resistance
6. Relative and absolute measuring type (ABS)
7. Tolerance setting type (TOL)
8. Data holding type (hold)
9. Speed, max. And min. Follow-up measuring type (mode)

1. Measuring range:
A. 0-150mm (0-6")
B. 0-200mm (0-8")
C. 0-300mm (0-12")

2. Resolution: 0.01mm (0.0005")

3. Accuracy:
A. 0.02mm (0.001"), (<100mm)
B. 0.03mm (0.001"), (>100-200mm)
C. 0.04mm (0.0015"), (>200-300mm)

4. Repeatability: 0.01mm (0.0005")
5. Max. Measuring speed: 1.5m/s
6. Measuring system: Linear capacitive measuring system
7. Display: LCD display
8. Power: 1 battery, 1.55V, type SR44/LR44
9. Working temperature: 5-40oC
10. Influence of humidity: Insignificant below 80% relative humidity
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